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Satan's Pilgrims: Home

This is the official website of Satan's Pilgrims.

This just in!

We successfully met our goal and will be seeing you in Italy and Europe this summer! Stay tuned fpr more news about our new up coming album, Frankenstomp! and other cool stuff.


Check out the "Buy" section for some new items! The Chimps "Live At The Safari Club" AND originally released in 2009, with the first pressing out of print, we are pleased to announce that Merlin's Nose Records of Germany has partnered with SP Records to reissue the Psychsploitation LP 180 gm vinyl with gatefold cover including additional artwork and liner notes by Brian Chidester, author of Pop Surf Culture: Music, Design, Film and Fashion from the Bohemian Surf Era, co-editor of Dumb Angel magazine and writer for The Village Voice.  A very small, limited number of these are available in the US, so get them while they last.

AND You'll also find copies of 2 of our OUT OF PRINT albums on VINYL!!!! SOUL PILGRIM (1994), and SATAN'S PILGRIMS (1999)!!!! GET THEM WHILE THEY LAST AT A LOWER PRICE THAN ANYWHERE ELSE! Just go to to shop! AND DON'T FORGET NEW ALBUM! PSYCHSPLOITATION!!!! Our first full album of newly recorded material since 1999!!!! The Northwest's premiere purveyors of surf and guitar instrumentals invite you take a trip with them on the psychedelic side of things. "Psychsploitation" features 13 garage psychedelic guitar instrumentals that will blow your mind. CD and limited edition 180 gm LP available for NOW!!!!(follow the BUY link) Scroll down for preview videos!